Belraj Soni is a differently accomplished and talented artist/demonstrator/trainer and organizer of traditional art forms of Kerala. Young, enthusiastic and committed, has undergone rigorous training in this art from one of the well known kalaris in Kerala and has been practicing for the last 30yrs. Started first vocational training under GURU C. S. MENON (UNNIGURUKKAL) Vallabhatta Kalari Sangham, Chavakkad. After a period of training session continued vocational training, body massaging course and updating new skills in kalaripayattu from Late C..VISWANATHAN Gurukkal Vallabhata Kalari Academy, Malapuram.

Notable achievements

• University champion in Kalaripayattu 1990-91
• Kerala State Group Champion
• Founder of Navaneetham Cultural Trust, a renowned cultural organization

Training experience

• Kalaripayattu coach at Somaiya College Vidyavihar, from 2012 till date
• Instructor of Kalaripayattu at Jawahar Balbhavan, Trichur, Kerala, including holiday camps from 1994 to date
• Instructor at Vallabhatta Kalari Sangham, Tripunithura, Ernakulam- 1991 to 1994
• Guest instructor at Natakayogam, Pangode, Thiruvananthapuram
• One week training programme school of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad in 2004
• Updating skills in the process during the last 30 years

Performing experience

• Presented Kalaripayattu at Bharatheeyam celebrations at New Delhi in 1989
• Bharatholsavam at Palaghat
• Yuvajana Mela conducted by Kerala State Youth Welfare Board in 1989
• South Indian History congress organized by University of Calicut in 1991
• Ottakole form at Martial Arts Festival as part of Indira Gandhi Boat Race and Tourism Fair in 1992
• Specialised sword and shield form at Kerala Kalaripayattu festival organized by Directorate of Youth Affairs , Government of Kerala, at Nisha Gandhi Auditorium, Trivandrum in 1993
• All India National Integration Camp as an item in InterState Youth Folk Art Festival in Malappuram, Kerala in 1994
• Sadbhavana Fortnight celebrations conducted jointly by District youth welfare committee and Nehru Yuwak Kendra in 1994
• South Asia Fraternity Camp at Ludhiana, Punjab in November 2001

Organizing and coordinating experience

• Conducted ten days workshop on Kalaripayattu for Tribal students at Kanavu, (Gurukulam) Panamaram, Wyanad in 1996
• Conducted ten days workshop on Kalaripayattu and classical dance form in July 2001
• Organized ‘Harana kavacham’, a melodrama blending art forms of Kerala with Kalaripayattu in October 2001
• Conducted ten days workshop for school students in November 2001
• As organizing Secretary of Navaneetham Trust, organized and conducted a number of programmes in dance forms and cultural exchange programmes during the last six years
• Conducted seven days workshop at “Diksha Manjari” Dona Ganguly’s dance school) at Kolkata in February 2006
• Conducted kalaripayattu workshop for 10days in Mumbai 2008,2009

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Kalari Chikilsa is a form of treatment developed for injuries that occur during the training and practice. Massaging with hands and massaging with feet using medicated oils are the main process of Kalari Chikilsa. This is mainly meant for settings of broken and management of wounds and ache. Marma Chikilsa is an allied form of treatment developed by great Gurus for the injuries on vital points. This type of Marma Chikilsa relieves injuries on vital points very fast and it is one of the most accepted type of treatment for vital spots.

Kalari Marma Chikilsa and Uzhichil (massages)

Ulsathana (foot massages) and Samavahana (hand massage) treatments are purely based on susrutha and vagbhada achariyas (two sages) method mentioned in the Ayurvedic Grandhas (palm leaf-inscriptions that contain the assembled knowledge of the ancestors in the Kalari's).This system is over and above the Bali and Jambuvan (The two epic figures of Mahabharatha known for a science in which they used massages)

Uzhichil (complete body massage) is done by applying medicated oil to attain a healthy constitution, body flexibility and proper blood circulation. This treatment also helps to cure many physical aliments. Foot massage is done using feet while holding on to one rope. The ropes help him to control his own balance and the pressure of the strokes.

Kizhi Chikilsa

Roots , herbs or leaves will be put in a cloth. "Geedrenkt" in heated oil after which the specific spot will be treated. Swellings, blood clotting or rheumatic diseases are treated by this technique.




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